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Fine Antique And Estate Silver

Welcome to our web site. J.H. Tee Vancouver Antiques Ltd specializes in fine antique silver, Birks sterling flatware, English silver flatware and estate and antique hollowware from Europe and North America. This site displays just some of the pieces presently available. If you do not find what you want, please contact us or visit our showroom on the premises of R.H.V. Tee & Son in Vancouver, BC. For further details on any of the items shown please email us at

JH Tee Antiques has recently acquired a fine collection of Victorian silver snuff boxes, vinaigrettes, card cases and other novelties by Nathaniel Mills.  The collection includes many rare and highly sought-after castle tops.  Please see our Nathaniel Mills Collection category for more details.

Store Hours: 10:30am-5pm Tuesday-Friday, and 11am-5pm Saturday. For fine antique furniture, please visit RHV Tee & Son.

Vancouver Antique Silver and Estate Silverware