Set of 3 Silver Monteith Bowls

A rare set of three sterling English silver Monteith bowls by Crichton Brothers, hallmarked London 1912.  A stunning suite of silver Monteiths consisting of a punch bowl and two rose bowls, each cicular on spreading foot with notched rim with mask and scroll border, and lions mask and ring handles.  Stamped with the mark of New York retailer Udall and Ballou.  The centre bowl 11.5" (29.2cm) diameter, 8.5" (21.6cm) high, the smaller bowls 7" (17.8cm) diameter, 5 5⁄8" (14.3cm) high, total weight 106.8 ozt (3323g).

For a brief explanation of the term Monteith please see our Glossary of Antique silver.

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