Other Birks Sterling Flatware Patterns – Open Stock

Find a wide selection of Birks sterling flatware patterns at JH Tee Antiques Ltd.  In addition to George II, Georgian, Saxon, Chantilly, Louis XV, London Engraved and Old English, we also carry the following Birks patterns shown in the photo from left to right: Laurentian, Francis I, Cavendish, Brentwood and Pompadour.

Our Birks sterling flatware is in superb condition and available by the piece and in settings.  Please contact us for prices and availability.

Prices in Canadian dollars are as follows (subject to availability):

Item Our Price
Coffee Spoon $23.00 CAD
5 o'clock Teaspoon $30.00
Standard Teaspoon $40.00
Dessert Spoon $80.00
Cream Soup Spoon $70.00
Large Soup Spoon $80.00
Luncheon Fork $75.00
Dinner Fork $110.00
Salad Fork $58.00
Seafood Fork $45.00
Fish Fork $70.00
Luncheon Knife $55.00
Dinner Knife $100.00
Butter Spreader $36.00
Steak Knife $80.00
Fish Knife $70.00
Carving Knife $105.00
Carving Fork $105.00
Fish Knife $150.00*
Fish Fork $150.00*
Pickle Fork $45.00
Cold Meat Fork $110.00
Tablespoon $115.00
Gravy Ladle $110.00
Sugar Spoon $50.00
Berry Spoon $100.00*
Butter Knife $52.00
Pie Knife $60.00*
Cake Knife $85.00*

* Price for pieces with stainless steel heads, out of production pieces priced individually.

For help identifying the piece you need please see our Birks Sterling Flatware guide.