Birks Louis XV Pattern Sterling Flatware Service for 12

An extensive Birks Louis XV pattern sterling silver flatware service for twelve, dinner and luncheon size, comprising the following:

12 Dinner Knives
12 Dinner Forks
12 Luncheon Knives
12 Luncheon Forks
12 Salad Forks
12 Dessert Spoons
12 Cream Soup Spoons
12 Large Teaspoons
12 Small Teaspoons
2 Tablespoons
1 Gravy Ladle
1 Cold Meat Fork
1 Pickle Fork
1 Pie Slice
1 Master Butter Knife

115 pieces.

This Louis XV flatware service is based on a timeless Rococo design and the pattern sterling has remained popular for over 100 years.  To see more pieces in this pattern see our Birks Louis XV category.

CAD $6,950.00

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