Birks Georgian Plain Flatware Set for 12

A Birks Georgian Plain pattern flatware set for twelve, dinner and luncheon size, in sterling silver, comprising the following:

12 Dinner Knives
12 Luncheon Knives
12 Butter Spreaders
12 Dinner Forks
12 Luncheon Forks
12 Salad Forks
12 Dessert Spoons
12 Cream Soup Spoons
12 Small Teaspoons
3 Serving Spoons
1 Gravy Ladle
1 Meat Fork
1 Condiment Spoon
1 Master Butter Knife
1 Pickle Fork
1 Pie Slice

117 Pieces total

Birks Georgian Plain is one of the finest quality and most popular of all Birks patterns.  To see our other pieces available in Birks Georgian pattern please click here.


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