The Different Types of Silver Engravings

Silver engraving is a timeless art that has produced beautiful designs over hundreds of years. The craft of engraving silverware has been mastered by many and still continues to this day as a popular method of personalizing silverware. Though modern methods such as lasers and pantographs are being used more and more to engrave these days, engraving by hand is still the absolute best way to get a truly breathtaking design that speaks volumes. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular and beautiful types of silverware engravings.

Personalized engravings

Personalized engravings are special in the sense that they are always unique and meaningful to the person who has requested them. Throughout history, personalized engravings on silverware have been used for a variety of reasons including security, and pride. Silverware pieces engraved with a personal design such as a monogram (the first letter of a family surname, usually), a family crest, or initials were not particularly easy to steal, seeing as the engraving would always indicate that they belonged to a certain family. Expensive silverware has always been and still is a luxury that many wealthy individuals treat themselves to, and those individuals have always wanted to further show it off by engraving it with their own designs, giving a boost to their pride.

Presentation engravings

These types of engravings are especially meant for commemorating special events and celebrations. Silver spoons with engravings have traditionally been given to children born into wealthy families as christening or baptismal gifts (this is where we get the expression “born with a silver spoon” when referring to those who were born into a rich family). Silverware with presentation engravings have also traditionally been given to newly-married couples as a gift. Some of the most popular types of presentation engravings include initials in a block or dot pricked style, two pairs of initials for a married couple, or simply a single letter, usually for the surname of the owner. Family crests are also a very popular presentation engraving, as they are often considered a family’s strongest symbol.

Engravings and value

You may be wondering how much of an impact an engraving has on the value of a piece of silverware, and the truth is it depends. If you are selling to a collector with certain tastes, an engraved piece of silverware may be seen as more valuable because it means the piece holds an interesting history and tells a story of sorts. Other buyers may look at an engraved piece less favourably simply due to the fact that they do not want someone else’s initials or family crest on their silverware. In the end it all comes down to a buyer’s own personal preferences and how deep they are willing to reach into their pockets.

Silverware engravings are special and should be of interest to you if you are a collector or someone interested in delving into antiques; they are markings of history and family stories that should be cherished in every regard.

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